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Introducing Freebie Fridays! I plan to do a Friday giveaway once a month. It might be a doodle, print, cool thing I have that I’m not making use of, or armful of invisible unicorns. Today, it’s a custom scrap medal. Can be for you or someone you select. All you have to do is like and leave a comment on my FB page saying who you think deserves an award and why, and I’ll have my three year-old pick the best one. If no one enters, I’ll make one for my invisible unicorn, Buddy. Happy Friday! 

The Story of Stuff’s Facebook page posted my Buyerarchy of Needs Pyramid, and it’s been shared a gajillion times. So awesome. Posting this for some who have requested a Tumblr link. Here ya go!


A Bunch of Charts About Depression Made From the Detritus of Winter Found on My Front Lawn

Made a bunch of charts about depression and winter for my I Love Charts Medium post this week. This winter has crushed me…but it’s glorious out right now.

From last week’s month in charts for the National Post.

The debate was 90 minutes of bickering about buses. Here’s five minutes of drawing to catch you up. My favourite line came from David Soknacki, who knows “how to make fifty cents do a dollar’s worth of work.”

Being reTumbld by Shake Shack is a career high for me. (They opened one in my hometown and I ate there three times when I visited last month).

Sick of the cold, but mostly sick of talking about the cold. (There will be five more charts and a piece about Farch in this Saturday’s National Post.)