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If You Send Me Your Really Boring Catalogue I Have No Choice But To Draw All Over It

This week for ILoveCharts. I feel bad throwing away all these catalogues so I’ve been recycling them as sketchbooks.


Sarah goes back to school with Pins for Mature Students

I’m nervous about being a mature student this Fall, so these are pins I’ll probably make for myself.

Playing around with the amazing new brush pack I just bought from Kyle T. Webster. 

I am sorry, if you’ve tried to YO me, I just can’t do it.


35 on 35

This week I write about all the things I’ve learned in my thirty-five-ish years of existence. (Spoiler alert: not that many things).

just warming up.

More pretty things I did not buy

I’m so late to the party it’s over and done and nobody even remembers if it was a good one or if they drank too much or what shirt they were wearing that night and whether it made them feel good.


A Couple Charts About Florida

This week I tackled my love and hate for my home state.