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Chart from a visual essay I made about How to Sell a Book. Because I have a book coming out.

I live-sketched the People’s Climate March here in TO. It was equal parts Inspiring, depressing and equine. (There was a guy dressed as a horse).


Can You Do a Lot of Stuff?

This week, Sarah gives us some some helpful Media Criticism Symbols.

This was my chart for last week. I’ve often wondered where I fall on the continuum.


Pictograms from a Lionel Riche concert

I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was a beautiful night and Lionel Richie puts on a heck of a show. Also, best vibes I’ve ever experienced at a concert where everyone wasn’t high on something. 

Click on the Medium link to see if you can guess all eight song titles. Prize is….nothing, but Hello…you are awesome!

Ice Scream Squared.


If You Send Me Your Really Boring Catalogue I Have No Choice But To Draw All Over It

This week for ILoveCharts. I feel bad throwing away all these catalogues so I’ve been recycling them as sketchbooks.


Sarah goes back to school with Pins for Mature Students

I’m nervous about being a mature student this Fall, so these are pins I’ll probably make for myself.

Playing around with the amazing new brush pack I just bought from Kyle T. Webster. 

I am sorry, if you’ve tried to YO me, I just can’t do it.